Atomic Detox Drops

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Product to help to detox the body 100ml
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Improves Lymphatic function
Helps flush toxins from the body
Immune system support
Boosts metabolism

Helps with weight loss


These herbs work together to ensure optimal functioning of the body’s elimination pathways. It enhances the body’s ability to removes toxic build up in the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and lymph.
BUCHU – a stimulant and strong diuretic. Supports normal functioning of the bladder and digestive system and assists in maintaining joint health. Buchu has diuretic effects, which help the body excrete excess fluids in cases of water retention.
ECHINACEA – Boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of infections
CLEAVERS – Considered to be one of the best herbal cleansing tonics and boosts the lymphatic system
POKEROOT – anti-inflammatory properties, assists with lymphatic disorders

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