Lipogon Xtreme Appetite Control Pack

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Three products that are a multi-action, high potency, stimulant free combo that target hormonal imbalances to control cravings, hunger and lethargy
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The pack has been uniquely formulated with high potency phytochemical ingredients that focus on various factors in the body that contribute to an increased appetite and hormonal fat storage.


Curb appetite

Block fat storage

Promote fat burning

Increase energy & endurance

Promotes complete mental and physical well-being


1 x Appetite control 60 caps: The active ingredients, HCA (60% HCA) and Chromium Polynicotinate (elemental) work synergistically in weight management by curbing appetite and inhibiting body fat formation.  

Decreases appetite

Block fat storage

Promote fat burning by enhancing metabolism and the breakdown of stored fat.

Promotes gut health

Safe to use by individuals with stomach ulcers or sensitive stomachs.

Enhance athletic performance and energy conversion.

1 x Ultimate Boost 60 caps: The active ingredient Acetyl-Carnitine (ACL) 500mg assists the metabolism of fat into energy and increases metabolism, thereby supporting weight loss

Boost energy, endurance and recovery after exercise

Support fat metabolism

Increase fat burning

Improve mental focus and concentration

Anti-oxidant action repairs and protects damaged cell tissue and brain cells.

1 x Body Balance 60 caps The active ingredient Ashwanghanda (500mg) focuses on complete physical restoration and cellular level. 

Restore imbalances caused by stress

Promote health and well-being

Calm body and mind

Support the thyroid gland and metabolic rate

Decrease adrenal stress

Increase mental focus

Increase physical strenght and endurance

Anti-inflammatry action reduces aches and pains

Support weight loss

Decrease insomnia

Support immune function


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