Lipogon Firm FX Liniment Oil

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Detox and anti-inflammatory massage oil
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Ingredients and health benefits
Extracts of bladderwrack: decreases skin thickness and increases skin elasticity. It also helps with lower leg edema.
Horse Chestnut; Boost the condition of the skin by improving the circulation and delivering oxygen-rich blood to the dermal matrix. Assists with visible spider, varicose and swollen veins.
Essential Oils of Rosemary: Useful in reducing water retention during menstruation, and also with obesity and cellulite. It also helps with headaches, migraines and mental fatigue.
Juniper: Natural cleanser and detoxifier. It is also helpful for cellulite and fluid retention.
Grapefruit: High in vitamin C and is therefore valuable to the immune system. It has an uplifting effect on mood and helps with stress and depression.
Geranium: Balancing effect on the nervous system and relieves depression and anxiety. It greatly stimulates the lymphatic system and with that helps with detoxifying the body.

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