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1 x Mild Gel Cleanser 200ml

A luxurious gel cleanser that effectively cleanses all skin types, including ultrasensitive. This formulation contains no harsh sulphated ingredients, but rather a plant-based foaming agent known as saponaria extract. Extracts of sandalwoodorange leaf and lavender further enhance the conditioning benefits of this cleanser.This luxurious aromatic Mild Gel Cleanser contains sandalwoodlavender and petitgrain extracts. It effectively cleanses even the most sensitive skin without stripping the epidermis.This cleanser does not contain any sodium lauryl sulphate, but rather a plant-based foaming agent known as saponaria extract.Recommended for normal to oily skin types, or anyone who prefers a gel wash to a creamy cleanser.

1 x Pre-Clease 100ml

An emulsifying oil-gel cleanser that is ideal for all skin types to effectively remove make-up and impurities from the skin. It may be used prior to normal cleansing, or take the place of the cleanser.The unique Pre-Cleanse applies as an oil-gel, but transforms into a milk with the addition of water. Pre-Cleanse is a completely water-soluble formulation that emulsifies and removes make-up and daily impurities from the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.It may be used prior to the normal cleansing routine or take the place of the cleanser. Pre-cleanse is popular with men as a means with which to shave

1 x Skin Renewal Gel 50ml

hypo-allergenic gel that restores the skin’s natural balance. Formulated with extracts of aloe feroxlavender and tea tree which are highly effective in soothing and hydrating the skin. Ideal for use on acne-prone skin or on rashes and sunburn.This Skin Renewal Gel contains a high concentration of aloe ferox to promote rapid healing of the skin. The addition of lavender and tea tree extracts further assists in promoting healthy skin by acting as a natural anti-microbial agent.Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and is ideal for use on sunburnt areas as well as minor burns and abrasions. The formulation is also ideal for use on acne-prone complexions to hydrate the skin and soothe associated sensitivity.


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