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Your every day, any time protective shield against visible and invisible pollution.

The fresh aroma of subtle ocean-like undertones will transport you as you ‘reset’ your day with a quick mid-day boost.

Suitable for all skin types, treat your skin to a continuous source of moisture that refreshes and revitalizes the skin while leaving your skin feeling softer to the touch, more supple and positively glowing after each use. What’s more is each spray of your protective shield provides a natural antibacterial effect and is packed with the only the best pollution-fighting ingredients.


Daily Defence

Key Ingredients

Main Ingredients
• Citystem™
– Counteracts and protects the skin against pollution
– Neutralises toxic oxidant species and detoxifies the skin cells from pollution-generated impurities
– Strengthens the skin barrier and repairs cell metabolism
– Refines skin texture, leaving it energized, radiant, and purified
• Fucogel® (SMART multi-functional)
– Soothing (reduces redness and irritation to increase skin comfort)
– Moisturising (progressive and prolonged hydration)
– Anti-ageing (enhances the ability of the skin to defend itself from external aggressors and promotes a youthful appearance)
– Restructuring (stimulates cell renewal and enhances barrier function)
– Touch (leaves the skin feeling soft to the touch)
• Optivegetol Wine Extract (Powerful anti-oxidant)

Directions for use

• After applying make-up, hold 20-30cm away, close eyes and mist face 2-3 times to achieve a dewy finish
• Can be used throughout the day to maintain a healthy radiant glow
• May also be used as the last step in your skincare routine

Important instructions:
The Daily Defence Finishing Mist forms part of one of many formulations designed as the ultimate first-line shield of defense against the attack of daily pollution.

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