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Although mainly recommended for combination skin types, we are of opinion that every skin can benefit from the deep pore cleansing detoxifying action of this mask. Think of this creamy clay mask as an ultra-luxurious pollution–fighting mask suitable for any at-home spa experience. Even on excessively oily skin, this mask clears pores and smooths your skin’s surface for a gorgeous complexion that’s noticeably clean

Activated charcoal magically draws micro-particles resulting from pollution to the surface of the skin along with bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt and oil. It then absorbs those foreign substances and is removed when the skin is rinsed ensuring for a deep cleansing result.

Another significant addition to this non-drying mask is Poretect™, known to refine the skin texture and promote a blurred and satin appearance. With its pore-refining action, it improves the appearance of pores and gives the skin a rejuvenated texture with an improved light-reflecting youthful glow.

Key Ingredients

• Activated Charcoal
• PoreTect™
• Green Clay (Liposilt® Green)

Directions for use

Apply to face and neck once or twice a week, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off with facial mitts.

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