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Step 1 of a superior next-generation progressive-strength Retinal night complex system with an advanced age-defying action for skin that appears visibly younger, firmer and smoother.

The 3 ground-breaking serums that make up the Retinal Pro System (I, II and III) with its multi-tasking approach promises for skin that appears visibly younger, firmer and smoother.

With the continued use of RetinAl with the addition of Halorubin, you can expect:
– Increased skin elasticity
– Protection again free radical damage
– Increased dermal thickness
– Reduction in the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines
– Improved skin roughness
– Decreased intensity of hyperpigmentation
– Reduced occurrence of acne
– A less visibly congested, clarified complexion
– Increased skin hydration
– Protection against blue light
– Photo aging protection
– Enviable Retinal glow

Due to the advanced nature of the Retinal Pro System, here’s how to ensure you get the most from your Retinal Pro System

– Directions for use:
For new users of any form of Vitamin A, gradually phase in the application. We suggest the following:
– First 2 weeks: use the product twice a week only
– Week 3 & 4: use every second day
– Week 5 onwards: use every night

The products may be used at night only. On a cleansed skin, apply 2 pumps over face and neck. Allow to absorb then follow with a preferred night cream. Can be used on its own or over suitable serums and/or face oils. MUST apply at least SPF30 daily.

– Gradually Pro Up
With this 3 strength series, the key is to always Pro up after the successful completion of the previous level. Due to the high percentage of RetinAl in Retinal Pro III, it should only be used by those who have comfortably finished at least 2 tubes of Retinal Pro II due to it containing a very high strength of

IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS: Retinal, Halorubin Xanthophylls, Sodium Hyaluronate.

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