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A rich textured product which combines peptides and proteins to effectively improve the appearance of both mature and young skin types.This revolutionary and luxurious treatment cream incorporates the latest technological active peptides and proteins, known as Trylagen™ which effectively helps restore the collagen levels by boosting, organizing and protecting the collagen, showing a decrease in wrinkle depth of up to 35% after 30 days.



Collagen Support



Directions for use

Apply morning and or evening to the face and neck, over one of TheraVine's Facial Oils and/or Facial Serums.

Key Ingredients

• Tri-Functional Collagen Complex (Trylagen®)
– Boost collagen levels
– Organizes collagen levels
– Protects collagen levels
• Perfection Peptide P3
– Increases cell turnover of the stratum corneum for a resurfacing effect
– Improvement in skin structure and function
– Smoothes and refines skin texture for a softer, radiant and glowing skin

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