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This velvety night cream is packed with ingredients to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.A velvety cream formulated with matrikines (messengers of cutaneous restructuration and repair) to help initiate the stimulation of collagen thus helping prevent and decrease the number and depth of wrinkles. It is a complete anti-aging treatment which improves fine lines and prevents wrinkle formation.


Directions for use:
Apply to the face and neck at night, avoiding the eye area, after applying one of the Pinotage Facial oils.

Micro-Collagen, Grapeseed Oil, Grapeseed Extract, Red Wine Bioactive Polyphenol
Now with ADDED Niacinamide
o Improves the skin barrier and helps retain moisture
o Provides pollution protection
o Increases fibroblast stimulation
o Increases skin radiance while reducing the appearance of age spots

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