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A Glycolic Acid Gel that removes dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin that looks visibly revitalised, radiant and brightened.

• Reveals a smoother, softer, brighter, more supple skin with fewer irregularities
• Assist with penetration of active ingredients to follow
• Increases tissue oxygenation
• Reduce pigmentation irregularities for a more even complexion
• Improves moisture balance

Main Ingredients

• 10% Glycolic Acid (buffered at pH of 3 for optimal penetration and maximum results with minimum irritation)
– Removes superficial dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, softer, brighter and more supple skin with fewer irregularities

Support Ingredients

• Lime (Anti-bacterial, and anti-septic)
• Jasmine (Moisturising and balancing effect)

Directions for use:

• 1x per week for the first month
• 1x every 2 weeks for the second month
• 1x per month for maintenance

NOTE: A tingling sensation or slight erythema may be experienced which should ease after a few minutes.

• Due to the specifically chosen buffered pH and the percentage of AHA contained in this product, it is safe for responsible home use and does not require being deactivated through the use of a neutraliser.
• Do ensure though that the product is rinsed thoroughly after contact time. It is recommended to use your TheraVine™ Cleanser and Toner to assist with effective removal of the Intensive Exfoliant and balancing the skin’s pH before proceeding with your at home treatment.

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