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Proven solution to help remove and resolve ingrown hair issues. Clinically proven salon-strength gel for ingrown hairs. It treats and prevents ingrown hairs and leaves you with smooth bump-free skin. It quickly relieves discomfort and itchiness associated with ingrown hairs.

After shaving or waxing some hairs fail to penetrate through the surface of the skin and curl inside the follicle causing irritation and often infection. These are known as ingrown hairs. IngroZero gel causes the epidermal cells to shed, preventing the clogging of pores. It works inside the pores to unclog and prevent the formation of bumps and has strong anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the bump size.

Provides immediate relief to the skin, reduces dryness and irritation and improves the overall skin texture. Apply gel to affected area twice daily. Continue to use until ingrown hairs or bumps disappear. Suitable for men and women for the face and body.

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