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The HydratingCare Intro Pack is ideal for Normal / Combination Skin that is generally problem-free. This skin care selection effectively balances and hydrates the skin for an overall healthier complexion.


Mild Gel Cleanser 50ml

A luxurious aromatic gel with a natural micro-lathering action formulated with extracts of sandalwood, orange leaf and lavender to gently cleanse the complexion of daily pollutants and balance the skin without stripping the epidermis.

Regulating Toner 50ml

A balancing alcohol-free toner formulated with Vitamin C as well as extracts of ylang-ylangrosemary and witch hazel to assist in normalising sebaceous activity without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

Ultra-Light Moisture Cream 20ml?

This light-textured emulsion with extracts of sandalwood, chamomile, lavender and orange leaf is easily absorbed into the skin. It effectively balances sebum production and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and calm.

Hydrating Treatment Cream 20ml

?An ultra-hydrating cream containing moisture-binding hyaluronic acid as well as essential extracts of rosewood, sandalwood and palmarosa to boost hydration levels in the skin and increase suppleness.

Tissue Repair Complex? 10ml

fine-textured plant-based complex, containing aromatic extracts of mandarin, orange blossom and frankincense, which boosts hydration by locking in moisture. This formulation is also the ideal conditioner for body skin.



1. Mild Gel Cleanser
2. Regulating Toner
3. Ultra-Light Moisture Cream
4. Tissue Repair Complex (optional)


1. Mild Gel Cleanser
2. Regulating Toner
3. Hydrating Treatment Cream
4. Tissue Repair Complex


Complimentary samples sachets are available from your Skin Care Clinic. Please enquire about the following items:
1. Skin Polishing Cream
2. Enzymatic Exfoliator
3. Skin Renewal Gel
4. Intensive Hydrating Serum
5. Radian-C Serum
6. Eye Lift Gel

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