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The LipidBalance Intro Pack is ideal for Normal / Dry Skin that is prone to sensitivity. This skin care selection effectively replenishes lipid levels for an overall healthier complexion. Includes 7 travel-size items. Emollient Gel Wash 50ml: A conditioning cleansing gel formulated with soothing cotton thistle that leaves skin feeling calm and balanced. Calming Facial Mist 50ml: This soothing facial mist contains extracts of cotton thistle and chamomile to hydrate and calm sensitive skin. Firming Serum 10ml: This innovative serum contains natural peptides and cannabidiol (CBD) extract to revitalise the complexion and restore skin health. Recovery Cream 20ml: A nourishing formulation, containing shea butter and cotton thistle extract, that helps restore the skin’s equilibrium by replenishing moisture and lipid levels. Vitamin Complex 10ml: An ultra-light complex formulated with advanced anti-oxidant nutriceuticals that protect the complexion against the elements. Enzymatic Exfoliant 20ml: This product contains papaya and pineapple enzymes to gently remove keratinized skin cells without the use of granules. Hydrating Gel 20ml: An ultra-hydrating masque and moisturiser-booster containing cactus saccharides and cotton thistle extract.

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