All skin treatments are tailor made in accordance with your skin type and current concerns. Let your therapists use their experience and knowledge to guide you to skin excellence. Whether your concern is sensitivity, breakouts, dehydration, dullness or wrinkles, we have professional products and techniques at hand. Discuss your concerns with your therapist to find the best option for your skin. Extractions will only be done on the client’s request as extractions may cause scarring. Homecare advice will be given at the end of each treatment to maintain the results.



These are facial that you decide which product range you want the therapist to use. The facials are tailor made for you skin type and skin condition. We can use either Vitaderm or Essel Products for the treatments.

Ultrasound Facial 60 min  R400
This treatment offers a 20 minute Ultrasound Treatment to clean, firm, lift, stimulate and regenerate the skin. Ideal treatment for all skin types as we adapt the products accordingly to your skin type and concern, ex Hydrating Treatment, Oily/Acne, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Pigmentation or Deep Cleansing.

Laser Facial 60 min   R400
Full facial customised to your specific skin concerns with 15 minutes of laser treatment to help with: ageing skin, fine lines & wrinkles, enlarges pores, pimples & oily skins, neglected & damaged skins, dry and/ or dehydrated skins


Thai Herbal Facial Compress Treatment R450
This treatment makes use of Thai Herbal Facial Compresses. The combination of heat, herbs and aromatherapy produced by the compresses nourishes, revitalizes, softens, and invigorates facial skin while improving blood flow and lymph circulation to the face. This treatment will leave your skin healthy and vibrant. The Thai Herbal Facial Compresses are made with the finest ingredients and materials and we adapt the facial products used according to your skin type.


Serene Spirit Japanese Facial Treatment  R500

Based on the TSUBOKI® Massage Techniques, the Serene Spirit  Facial is a wonderfully relaxing yet energising treatment suitable for men or women who want to benefit from this “natural facelift” treatment.  Based in part on the principles of acupressure, it is a modern take on meridian theory, which goes back thousands of years in Japan and China.

This is a relaxing and restorative health-giving facial treatment.

Benefits of the Serene Spirit Japanese Facial Treatment:
improves venous and lymphatic circulation
removes dead cells
stimulates cellular function and rejuvenation
relaxes muscles
increases blood flow
tightens and tones skin
stimulates the facial nerves
increases removal of toxins
relaxes the mind and feels good