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Lipogon Extreme Appetite Control Pack Normal Price R 925 Special Price R 832.50 until 16 October 2020

The pack has been uniquely formulated with high potency phytochemical ingredients tah focus on various factors in the body that contribute to an increased appetite and hormonal fat storage.
Curb appetite
Block fat storage
Promote fat burning
Increase energy & endurance
Promotes complete mental and physical well-being

1 x appetite control 60 caps
1 x Ultimate Boost 60 caps
1 x Body Balance 60 caps


              Lipogon Starter Pack R 1600

1 x Lipogon TrimFX Slimming Drops
1 x Lipogon TrimFX Fat Burner
1 x Lipogon TrimFX PureCLA
1 x Lipogon FirmFX Collagen Boost
1 x TrimSure High Protein Meal Replacement Shake
1 x Lipogon Firm FX Liniment Oil
1 x Slimming Booklet

Lipogon Detox Trio Pack R700

1 x Lipogon TrimFX Slimming Drops
1 x Lipogon Firm FX Liniment Oil
1 x TrimSure ThirstEeze

Lipogon Fat Attack Pack R1050

1 x Lipogon TrimFX Slimming Drops
1 x Lipogon TrimFX Fat Burner
1 x Lipogon TrimFX PureCLA
1 x TrimSure High Protein Meal Replacement


 Lipogon Trim FX Slimming Drops R280/100ml

Note: We, at Lipogon, believe that these ingredients may have the following beneficial abilities. We are not making any medical claims.
Ingredients and health benefits:
Echinacea: Boost the immune system and reduces the risk of catching colds.
Cleavers: Considered to be one of the best herbal cleansing tonics. Tones the lymphatic system.
Lowers blood pressure. A natural diuretic that assist with the eczema and kidney function.
Poke Root: Has numerous health benefits. Excellent anti-rheumatic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties. Assists with lymphatic disorders.
Calendula: Reduces fever and fights minor skin infections and reduces bruising. Assists with bladder infections and stomach ulcers.




Lipogon TrimFx Fat Burner R290 for 60 Capsules
The ingredients is Lipogon TrimFx may have the following effect:

•    Increased Metabolism - increases HDL Cholesterol levels and reduces LDL Cholesterol levels
•    Increased thermogenesis and lipolysis otherwise known as burning of fats.
•    Increased Energy
•    Decreased appetite
•    Improves Blood Circulation
•    Help to prevent Obesity
•    Increase the body's Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)





Lipogon TrimFX Pure CLA R200 for 60 capsules

• Increased Weight loss
• Increased Metabolic Rate
• Lowers Cholesterol
• Lowers Blood Glucose Levels
• Enhanced Muscle Growth
• Supports the Immune System



                Lipogon – FirmFX Collagen Boost R290 for 30 capsules

• 70% Bamboo Extract – 70% Organic
• Raspberry
• Rosemary
• Echinacea
Summary of Product Benefits
• Prevention of Stretchmarks
• Firm Sagging skin
• Repair collagen and elastin
• Increased collagen production
• Treats Osteoarthritis - treating bone and joint diseases like arthritis, but there is growing evidence that collagen might be able to help patients with osteoarthritis (OA). Over time, this degenerative joint disease can cause cartilage to wear away, leading to pain, and eventually the bones could even rub against each other. Since cartilage is made up of collagen, it makes sense that supplementing with this building block could help the strength and framework



TrimSure High Protein Meal Replacement Shake R370 for 20 Servings

Cherry Nougat or White Chocolate Latte Flavour

Mix 1 x 50g scoop with 250-300ml low fat milk or water.
Replace one meal from Monday to Friday and break on Saturday and Sunday.

• Improves Gut Health – Important in Weight Loss. Collagen contains vital amino acids, which have been shown to be beneficial to the your entire gastrointestinal system
• Builds Muscle and Repairs Tissue
• Promotes Deeper Sleep and recovery at cellular level
• Decreases cellulite
• Supports skin elasticity, skin moisture, trans epidermal water loss (dryness) and skin roughness.




Firm FX Liniment Oil R320/200ml

Ingredients and health benefits
Extracts of bladderwrack: decreases skin thickness and increases skin elasticity. It also helps with lower leg edema.
Horse Chestnut; Boost the condition of the skin by improving the circulation and delivering oxygen-rich blood to the dermal matrix. Assists with visible spider, varicose and swollen veins.
Essential Oils of Rosemary:  Useful in reducing water retention during menstruation, and also with obesity and cellulite.  It also helps with headaches, migraines and mental fatigue.
Juniper: Natural cleanser and detoxifier. It is also helpful for cellulite and fluid retention.
Grapefruit: High in vitamin C and is therefore valuable to the immune system. It has an uplifting effect on mood and helps with stress and depression.
Geranium: Balancing effect on the nervous system and relieves depression and anxiety.  It greatly stimulates the lymphatic system and with that helps with detoxifying the body.





TrimFx LipoFlush R 320/250g

This product has been scientifically formulated, with carefully selected ingredients, to promote health and improve metabolism, resulting in increased weight loss, detox and fat elimination.

Beetroot powder: Promotes healthy metabolism resulting in increased weight loss
Carrot powder:Contains large quantities of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant which may reduce cholesterol
Spinach powder: Contains nitrates which are necessary for the production of ATP in mithochondria, for sustained energy, resulting in an increased metabolism.
Cactinea™: A super fruit, organic prickly pear. It has fat binding and exceptional water elemination properties as demonstrated in clinical studies. It also has proven benefits on body shape (reduction of lower leg, ankle and waist circumference).
Green Tea: Polyphenols found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and therefor the rate at which your body turns food into calories.It has been known to reduce cholesterol and combat inflammation.
Milk Thistle: Boost liver cleansing and reduces insulin resistance.

Accelerates lymphatic drainage
Focused liver detox and cleansing
Fat absorption blocker
Metabolism booster
Combats inflammation



TrimSureThirstEEZE R65/20ml

Apple & Kiwi, Tropical Punch or Berry Bliss Flavour

ThirstEEZE is a water booster, enriched with powerful
Antioxidants and Vitamin B Complex-protecting the body against the harmful
effects of free radicals and increases metabolism by optimizing oxygen delivery
to cells.
Reduces the risk of anemia
Stabilizes blood glucose levels
Ensure healthy red blood cell production
Aids in the breakdown of simple carbohydrates
Boost the immune system
Increase fat burning
Enhances nerve tissue health and brain function
Improves the appearance of skin, nails and hair
Neutralizes harmful free radicals
Reduces chronic low grade inflammation

Trimsure Hot Chocolate R190/200g

Lipogon Smart Protein with ketogenic amino acids.
Low GI, gluten free and sugar free.
Suitable for men and women

Trimsure SkinEE Soup R190/500g

Roast Chicken or Vegetable flavour.

Lipogon Smart Protein with ketogenic amino acids.
Low GI, gluten free and sugar free.
Suitable for men and women.


 Immune Complex R140 / 30 caps

Lipogon Immune Complex Plus is a high potency multi-ingredient health-enhancing formula that includes essential Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Phyto Therapy.
Each capsule provides a combination of active ingredients critical to immune function as well as basic building-block minerals that your immune system also require to function at its best.


Vit C Plex R90/ 60caps

Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, developement and repair of all body tissues.
• Vita C Plex is a strong anti-oxidant that strengthens the body’s natural defences, thereby
supporting the fight against disease and free radicals.
• Each Lipogon Complete Vita C Plex capsule contains 500mg of high potency ascorbic