Lipogon Weight Loss Programme

R 1600

A weight loss program with different eating plans and products to help you on your weight loss journey. Suitable for men and women.
The following is incuded in the programme:
1 x Lipogon TrimFX Slimming Drops
1 x Lipogon TrimFX Fat Burner
1 x Lipogon TrimFX PureCLA
1 x Lipogon FirmFX Collagen Boost
1 x TrimSure High Protein Meal Replacement Shake
1 x Lipogon Firm FX Liniment Oil
1 x Slimming Booklet

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Download the Free Meal Plan for women here


Fusion Micro-Meso Lipo-Sculpture Therapy

R 260 per area (10cm²)

Duration 75 minutes

Essel Asthet Reshape Transmuter is a unique remodeling solution to lipo-sculpture both facial and body contour by reducing fat and sagging while tightening and redefining the tissue.

Conditions and problems that can be addressed with Fusion Meso-Therapy:

Stretch Marks – Legs, breasts, tummy, hips - please note that the prices for body treatments will differ from that of facial treatments
Wrinkles – Face, (even as close as crows feet and smokers lines), neck, hands..
Uneven pigmentation/ Sunspots / Hormonal pigmentation
Sun damage – face, neck, décolletage, hands
Scarring – acne scars or surgical scars like post breast surgery for breast lift or implants or post c-section.
Elasticity – Sagging skin that needs a lift minus the injectables
Enlarged pores – nose/nostril
Hair loss – Very common with ladies (and men) with hormonal complications
Thickened skin – yellowing
Dehydrated/ Dull Skin – which lessens your product efficacy
Collagen stimulation



Computerised Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage Massage

 R 175

Duration 30minutes

12 x treatments R1750


Why Lymph Drainage is so Important?
Some people have problems clearing stagnant lymph fluid from their system. This leads to uncomfortable tissue swelling, especially in the legs and ankles, and if not dealt with it can have dangerous health consequences. This condition is called lymph edema and can also occur after surgery.
If not properly dealt with, stagnant lymph can lead to inflammation, infection and can form excessive connective tissue. It is important not to allow stagnant lymph to progress to fibrotic change because at that point pneumatic compression has limited usefulness.
Early regular treatment with pneumatic compression will go a long way towards maintaining vibrant health into old age.

• Improves circulation
• Reduces water retention
• Reduces swelling of the legs and ankles
• Reduces swelling after surgery
• Reduces swelling after radiation treatment
• Stimulates the movement of stagnant lymphatic fluid and toxins
• Accelerates weight loss by reducing toxins
• Greatly improves quality of sleep