No Grow

6 Variants: Each No Grow variant is specifically formulated to target  male and female body and facial hair.

Get rid of any unwanted body hair with No Grow, results are excellent and longer lasting than any other hair removal system


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What Is No Grow?

Wipe on. Wipe off.

A simple hair removal and growth inhibiting cream that reduces hair growth leaving your skin silky smooth.

Introducing No Grow, the hair removal and growth inhibitor cream that is both scientifically formulated and uses natural ingredients to be gentle on the skin. Unlike most hair removal creams which focus on the temporary removal of surface hair. No Grow is easily absorbed for long-term hair reduction when the product is applied correctly, on a weekly basis for 8 months (depending on the individual).

No Grow’s fast-action hair removal cream is tried and tested to remove hair, leave skin soft and subtle, and slow down hair regrowth.

Tested results support No Grow’s effectiveness.

• 60% reduction of body hair as compared to placebo
• 60% reduction of the anagen / telogen follicles ration
• 30% reduction in the proportion of thick hairs

Each product in the No Grow range is specifically formulated to target certain types of male and female facial and body hair and give you smooth, hairless skin. With every successive application of No Grow creams less and less hair will be noticeable, and hair will become softer and less dense.

After using No Grow weekly for 8 months, you should notice a dramatic reduction in the density and thickness of hair visible on your skin.

The No Grow Guarantee. Use With Confidence.
We are confident that No Grow produces results and therefore extend a continued sponsored product guarantee should you only see a 90% or less hair reduction after 8 months of continued use, based on the following requirements:

Time-stamped photo's should be taken weekly prior to your application to track progress. Please Note when using No Grow Intimate, discreet photos of the crease of the bikini line into the thigh area is all that is required. If you are treating an explicit area, please crop your photograph to only provide a section of the surface hair, as a full photo of the area is not required.
Consecutive purchases and proof of receipt must be submitted on a claim (below is a guide to how many tubes will be required per body part).
No Grow needs to be applied every week for 8 months, for the cycle of hair growth to be fully covered.

This is a permanent hair removal solution (avoid areas where you want hair growth)
and do not use if you are using Roaccutane or any other acne medication.

Individual results may vary.

How many tubes would I need to use to achieve optimum results?

These are estimates based on the average number of tubes the majority of our customers use when treating their Brazilian. In some cases, customers may require an additional tube to complete the full course.

Note: We recommend pairing this product with the No Grow Soothing Gel, especially if you have sensitive skin.






Comparable costs to laser treatments: