These are descriptions of the various Facials and optional extras that we offer.



Basket and bottles with bath oils and salt

All skin treatments are tailor made in accordance with your skin type and current concerns. Let your therapists use their experience and knowledge to guide you to skin excellence. Whether your concern is sensitivity, breakouts, dehydration, dullness or wrinkles, we have professional products and techniques at hand. Discuss your concerns with your therapist to find the best option for your skin. Extractions will only be done on the client’s request as extractions may cause scarring. Homecare advice will be given at the end of each treatment to maintain the results.


                                   SALON SIGNATURE FACIALS

These are facial that you decide which product range you want the therapist to use. The facials are tailor made for you skin type and skin condition.

Ultrasound Facial 60 min  R400
This treatment offers a 20 minute Ultrasound Treatment to clean, firm, lift, stimulate and regenerate the skin. Ideal treatment for all skin types as we adapt the products accordingly to your skin type and concern, ex Hydrating Treatment, Oily/Acne, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Pigmentation or Deep Cleansing. We can use either Vitaderm or Essel Products for the treatments.

Laser Facial 60 min   R400
Full facial customised to your specific skin concerns with 15 minutes of laser treatment to help with: ageing skin, fine lines & wrinkles, enlarges pores, pimples & oily skins, neglected &
damaged skins, dry and/ or dehydrated skins

Healing Rose Glow Facial Treatment  45min R300.
Experience the healing powers of Rose Quartz and Rosewood Essential Oil…..
In conjunction with the restoring and wonderful aroma of the rose scented oil, the treatment also includes a crystal massage specially designed for this facial. Suitable for all skin types and conditions.
Rose Quartz is used to balance the emotions, bring peace and calm, release stress and easing feelings of anxiety.  All these emotions carry the energies for forgiveness, tolerance, compassion and enabling us to see the good in both ourselves and others.
Rosewood essential oil rejuvenates the skin and keeps it looking youthful and glowing. It is wonderful for the treatment of acne and it stimulates the skin cells to regenerate. Rosewood will also help to restore the skin’s elasticity, thus promoting a smooth and wrinkle free skin.

Thai Herbal Facial Compress Treatment R450
This treatment makes use of Thai Herbal Facial Compresses. The combination of heat, herbs and aromatherapy produced by the compresses nourishes, revitalizes, softens, and invigorates facial skin while improving blood flow and lymph circulation to the face. This treatment will leave your skin healthy and vibrant. The Thai Herbal Facial Compresses are made with the finest ingredients and materials and we adapt the facial products used according to your skin type.


                                           VITADERM ADVANCED FACIALS

Vitaderm Express Treatments 45min R400

Vitaderm  Express Lift Treatment
Vitaderm’s brand new Express Lift Treatment offers instant firming and lifting results as well as long term toning benefits.The treatment contains maximum concentrations of advanced active ingredients, such as peptides, Matrixcyl 3000®, glycosaminoglycans and Pullulan .All of this on offer in a fast-acting, result-driven facial treatment in just 45 minutes!

Vitaderm Express Lift Nourishing Treatment
Nourish your skin with Vitaderm’s new Nutriceutical Treatment. Boost skin hydration and  visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines, combine that with powerful anti-oxidants to neutralise the damaging effect of free radicals, reduce the signs of environmental damage and restore overall skin health

Vitaderm Express Lift Brightening Treatment
This treatment includes the new Bi-Phase Brightening Ampoules. These advanced ampoules consists of separate water-soluble and oil-soluble phases to enhance the absorption of the active ingredients.  Arbutin and Glutathione within a revolutionary liposomal delivery system as well as AA2G, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate and AcquaCell™ are incorporated for their outstanding brightening benefits. This treatment is ideal for skin with uneven pigmentation to boost skin radiance and increase luminosity.

 Glass bottles with differnet bath salts





                                                                             PHYTOMER FACIALS

Youth Revealing Pioneer Treatment 75min R950
With its new professional mask and its unique massage, this treatment reaches the height of biotechnological performance and restores the skin's youthfulness, softness and luminosity. The specific face massage completes the action of the products and heightens relaxation. The skin is smoother and firmer. It glows with new radiance.

100% of women prefer this treatment to their usual treatment*.
* Satisfaction test on 23 volunteers who received the Youth Revealing Pioneer Treatment.


Essentail oil bottle with yellow and orange flowers alongside


Vitaderm Eye Lift Treatment  30min  R 180
Including the new Vitaderm Eye Lift Gel, this treatment helps boost hydration and brightens the delicate eye area. It will help to reduce dark circles and puffiness, firm the skin and boost hydration.
Excellent treatment to add to any facial. Suitable for all skin types.


Lip Therapy Treatment – 30 min  R 155
A lip specific treatment that helps reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the lip area. An exceptionally good treatment for smokers.




Eye brow or lash tint        R 50
Eye brow and lash tint      R 80
Eye brow shape               R 150


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