TheraVine™ Sebuvine™ Regulating Lotion

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An oil-free cream which helps restore the skin to a more matte, luminous and uniform appearance.

TheraVine™review:  TheraVine™  SebuVine™ Regulating Lotion

AGB Salon Review
Product effectiveness:      95%
Value for money:             90%
Advanced Ingredients:     90%
Skin Effect:                     90%
Absorption:                     95%       
Overall rating:                 92%

Best used with:     

TheraVine™ AcniVine™ Mattefying Gel
TheraVine Anti-Pollution Day Cream
TheraVine™ Anti-Bac SebuVine™Serum

General comment/s: Not suitable during pregnancy and for client with hyper-pigmentation to avoid further pigmentation

Evaluation Keys:        
Product effectiveness    = Does it do what it says
Value for money           = Good value compared to similar products
Advanced Ingredients   = Modern technologically advanced ingredients
Skin Effect                   = How does it feel
Absorption                   = Does it absorb into the skin

AGB Salon reviews are written by a trained beautician with first-hand experience with the product as well as interactive feed-back from clients for more than 12 years.

Product description
An oil-free , balancing and moisturizing cream for oily and acne-prone skin. Active ingredients encourage cell-turnover , prevents clogging of pares and helps to minimize pores

Presentation: 50ml tube

How to use: Apply a small amount to the fingertips and gently massage into face and neck. Please use a SPF during the day over the SebuVine™ Regulating Lotion

Active ingredients

Encapsulated Salicylic Acid    Promotes shedding epidermal cells ore readily and improves skin texture and prevents clogging of the pores.
Lavender Essential Oil          Soothing, healing and anti-septic

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