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A quick absorbing, light textured treatment serum that targets the removal of oil

TheraVine™review:  TheraVine™  Anti-Bac SebuVine™Serum

AGB Salon Review
Product effectiveness:      100%
Value for money:             95%
Advanced Ingredients:     100%
Skin Effect:                     95%
Absorption:                     100%         
Overall rating:                 98%

Best used with:   

TheraVine™ AcniVine™ Mattefying Gel
TheraVine Anti-Pollution Day Cream
TheraVine™ SebuVine™ Regulating Lotion

General comment/s: Not suitable for clients with shellfish and iodine allergies.
This is one of the best products that I have worked with to help clear up inflammation in acne-prone skin!

Evaluation Keys:        
Product effectiveness    = Does it do what it says
Value for money           = Good value compared to similar products
Advanced Ingredients   = Modern technologically advanced ingredients
Skin Effect                   = How does it feel
Absorption                   = Does it absorb into the skin

AGB Salon reviews are written by a trained beautician with first-hand experience with the product as well as interactive feed-back from clients for more than 12 years.

Product description
A light textured treatment serum that destroys bacteria that causes inflammation in acne conditions.   It regulates oil production to help prevent breakouts and helps to clear existing ones. It absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue.

Presentation: 30ml glass bottle

How to use:
Use two pumps of the serum and apply gently to cleansed skin, morning and evening. Can be used over TheraVine™ Balancing Oil. Use an appropriate day and night cream afterwards.

Active ingredients
Himanthalia elongate hydroglycolic fluid extract    It is an extract from a brown algae and contains proteins, amino acids, phenols, vitamins and minerals that have anti-bacterial properties

Cysteine                                                           Promotes healing and regeneration of cutaneous tissue. Enable proteins to reach their nitrogen requirements

Vitamin C                                                         Speeds up Collagen production and acts as an anti-oxidant

Willow bark Extract                                           Anti-astringent and anti-inflammatory. Reduce redness in the skin and promotes cell renewal

TeaTree Essential Oil                                        Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal    
Lavender                                                        Healing and soothing

Skin types: Oily and Acne prone


Base price R440
Base price with tax
Sales price R440