Skin Doctors Capillary Clear

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Reduce the appearance of burst blood vessels on the face in as little as 4-6 weeks
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Reduces the appearance of broken capillaries in 4 weeks. Also assists with post-operative bruising, sun damaged skin and couperose. 50ml

Natural skin lightening agents help to reduce facial redness and promote an even complexion.
Dramatically reduces the appearance of broken capillaries and burst blood vessels. This comprehensive cream gently and quickly reduces the appearance of broken capillaries and blemishes on the surface of the skin.

Capillary Clear has been formulated to include Phytotonine, a botanical complex scientifically shown to decrease visible discolouration by 24% and reduce the appearance of extravascular blood flow (responsible for broken capillaries) by 25% in less than 4 weeks!

Hytotonine - composed of concentrated extracts of Arnica, Cypress and Solomon’s Seal. It is rich in flavonoids, saponosides and procyanidols which are responsible for its favourable action on microcirculation and the strengthening of capillary walls. A scientific investigation showed that the application of Phytotonine for 3 weeks showed a 24% decrease in the redness of the affected area and a 25% reduction of extravascular blood flow, helping to improve the appearance of redness and broken capillaries.

Salicylic and Lactic Acids -These Hydroxy Acids help to make the skin appear denser, and as a result reduce the visibility of capillaries.

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