Phytomer Creme 30 Early Wrinkle Plumping SolutionCream

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A Initial cream for aging skin that smoothes, fights wrinkles, delivers radiance
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With CRÈME 30, PHYTOMER comes to the rescue of ultra-active people in their 30’s subject to everyday stresses that can accelerate the skin’s aging process. This early wrinkle plumping solution has a light texture and a matte finish. It contains a cocktail of SOS Stress red algae specially formulated to moisturize skin, diminish visible signs of aging and smooth away wrinkles. 50ml

Scientific innovations


For the very 1st time in cosmetics, PHYTOMER has discovered a red micro-alga able to fight against the effects of mental stress on the skin: RHODELLA. Cultivated in our laboratory in photobioreactors, it strengthens the physical and chemical barrier, rehydrates the skin and reconnects the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ).

Active ingredients

Rhodella: Reverses the effects of stress on the skin by strengthening the physical and chemical barrier, rehydrating the skin and reconnecting the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ).
Jania: Neutralizes the free radicals caused by mental stress and relaunches collagen production.
OLIGOMER®: Boosts the skin with magnesium, a key stress-fighting molecule.

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